SQL DDL Command

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Data Definition Language

SQL statements that can be used either interactively or within programming language source code to define databases and their components.

1. CREATE: used to create a table in database

Syntax: CREATE table table_name
attributes1 domain type
attributes2 domain type
attributes n domain type


2. ALTER: use to change the table definition i.e changing attribute definitions

i. To add new column in database:

Syntax:ALTER TABLE table_name
ADD column_name datatype;

Example: alter table student add address varchar(25)

ii. To modify datatypes of column:

Syntax:ALTER TABLE table_name ALTER Column column_name datatype;

Example:ALTER TABLE student ALTER Column phone bigint;

iii. To delete column from database:

Syntax:ALTER TABLE table_name DROP Column column_name;

Example: ALTER TABLE student DROP Column phone;

3. DROP: drop command delete the table from database

Syntax:DROP TABLE table_name;

Example: DROP TABLE student

4. TRUNCATE: used to delete all record of the given table

Syntax:TRUNCATE TABLE table_name;

Example: TRUNCATE TABLE student;


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SQL DDL Command

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