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How to Remove .vbs & .lnk from usb?

What is Shortcut Virus? Transferring the data from one device to another through USB,

SQL DDL Command

Data Definition Language SQL statements that can be used either interactively or within programming

SQL Operator

Operator: In SQL operator are reserved words or character used primarily to perform different

Basic Shortcut Keys For Computer

Shortcuts Keys help us to easier and quick way to execute command or process

Scheduling PC for Auto Shutdown Or Restart

Scheduling window for shutdown after certain time open command type shutdown -s -t 60

Boot File is Missing

How to Resolve windows when boot-file is missing? Generally People make mistake while they

How can you make your pendrive bootable for windows through command?

Make Pendrive Bootable Using Command Step 1: Insert your USB drive (Pen-drive) Step 2:

How to add Automatic table of content in word document?

Why BIM? बि. आई. एम. किन ?

त्रिभुवन विश्वविधालय बाट सम्बन्धन प्राप्त बि. आई. एम कोर्स सन् २००० मा KCMIT बाट